Web Pages


Below I'll try and explain and share my experience in setting up one or more Web Pages.
I've made all my Pages in a simple Text Editor, setting all the HTML tags manually - and honestly - it wasn't all that dificult.

All you need to get started, is a plain text editor (DOS Edit is OK) or a word processing program (Windows Notepad or Write) to create your HomePge, and a Web Browser (I prefer Netscape) to see what the final result looks like.
This is a non expensive way to get started, you don't have to go and spend a lot of money in html program tools.

On the Net you can find a lot of documentation and explanation of all the different html tags, which I advise you also to read or look at - I've included a few on this page.

What I was looking for when I started, was some examples - but I didn't find any (maby I didn't look hard enough, or was too eager to get started).
Below you will find some examples, the actual html "code" and what it looks like - I hope you'll find it usefull.

How to get started

My First HomePage

This is all from me now - I hope you'd found the above informative and helpful - and it has given you a push in the right direction.
Just below, you'll find two documents describing all (or most) of the different html tags.

Good luck

HTML Reference document (ver. 3.2)
HTML Features document